About Us

This website is an initiative to solve Astrological and Psychological problems apart from giving information on the concepts of Astrology and Psychology. Through this website Girija S Joshi is trying to provide useful information on Astrology and wants to assist people so that they can be well aware and can manage difficulties of their life. Through this website Dr. Shipra Joshi is trying to share Important information on Psychology and wants to assist people by conducting various counseling services to solve their Psychological problems. The inspiration behind creating a website which can provide the correct concept and services on Astrology is my My Grand Father Late Sri. N. R. Joshi,a great Astrologer and a good human being.

Girija Shankar Joshi

Girija Joshi is an Astrologer by passion. He followed his heart and initiated this venture to help people. He always been inspired by his grandfather, who was a great astrologer from Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. Girija is also associated with various NGOs and Social organizations.His motto is to educate people about Vedik culture and Indian values which we rarely practice in our lives. He believe and practice extensively on the scientific aspects of Astrology. He is also a poet and a writer and some of his Hindi poems published in various magazines. Girija is also a blogger and publish girijasthoughts.blogspot.com. he can be contacted on facebook by the name Girija Shankar Joshi and in Twitter through the handle @girija_joshi.

Dr. Shipra Joshi

Shipra is a true student of Psychology. She mastered in Psychology and Doctorate in Neuro-Psychology with subject 'Cerebral laterality in the perception and expression of facial emotions, the influence of sex, culture and balance of emotions”. She is well literate and having a vast experience as academia. She counselled various people to come out of their anxieties and depressions. She is an expert in resolving emotional issues, which are very common now a days. Some of her work published in International Journals . She is also writing a book on Counseling of 'Parents and teenagers'.