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We Indians, do not say 'Astrology'. We Indians, say 'JYOTISHI', 'JYOT' - light & 'ISH' - God. Therfore 'Light of God'. Asrtology is a MIRROR to life. It is also a Guide Line. It is certainly Not 100% correct. No Dicipline is. But it helps within limits, just as psychology, economics, psychiatry does. Nothing is absolutely final and completely certain. But the chances of predictions coming right are good [70%] Also, character analysis of Astrology often helps. Astrology is Not a CRUTCH. It is to be used to Heal One's Self.

   Girija S. Joshi On 16 Aug 2017

The Nine Grahas

According to the Vedas, the planets are the instruments of God, by which the law of karma operates. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are called the 9 “Grahas” (Sanskrit meaning is “to grab” or “to hold”). According to the ancient scripture Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: “Vishnu (God) has incarnated as the Navagrahas (9 planets) to bestow on living beings the results of their Karmas or actions. He assumed the auspicious form of Grahas to destroy the strength of the demons (evil forces), to sustain the strength of the Devas (the divine beings) and to establish Dharma (cosmic order or law).” The planets, besides their huge physical mass and gravitational force, are tremendous fields of subtle psychic or spiritual energies, and it is at that level that we have to understand their effects. This understanding is the basis of the science of astrology. Each planet corresponds to a specific vibratory frequency, color, subtle element, geometrical form, and even a personality type with it’s own likes and dislikes, friendships and enmities. Each individual person is made of a specific and unique combination of the energies of these planets that determines his characteristics, likes and dislikes, personality and behavior. It is interesting to note that Vedic astrology doesn’t use the “outer” planets—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—even though there is some historical evidence that the ancient Rishis knew about them; in the ancient scripture the Mahabharata, three planets are mentioned which correspond with the location and coordinates of the outer planets.

   Girija S. Joshi On 05 Aug 2017


Surya graha is one of the greatest possible intensity graha of our navgraha’s which revolve in the cosmos and have an effect on the persons. Surya planet raises strength of glory, power & courage, success etc. Surya makes up soul, will-power, fame, the eyes, general vitality, courage, father, highly placed persons and authority. Sun is the rashi lord of singh(leo). He is exalted in the sign Mesha(Aries) and is in debilitated in the sign Tula (Libra). Surya is lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha. Surya is associated with: the colors – copper or red, the metals – gold or brass, the gemstone – ruby, the direction – east and the season of summer. The food grain is wheat (one of Nava Dhanyas) . Malefic sun effects deterioration of name and fame loss of high position loss of job/career lack of confidence heart problems blood pressure skin diseases childlessness

   Girija S. Joshi On 17 Aug 2017


The Moon is considered the most important heavenly body in Vedic astrology, due to its influence on the mind and emotions. These are the instruments by which we perceive the world, and act and relate with it, being the cause of the play of karma. The Moon reflects the energy of the Sun and balances its fire with her fresh, cooling, nourishing and vitalizing light and nectar. It represents the mind, emotions, prana, water and liquids. Moon also represents the mother. Its position indicates the type of relation with her and her well-being, factors that have a deep effect on a person’s psychology and life. It also represents the nourishment, food and material needs for survival, all of which are provided by the mother. Therefore, a strong Moon is a great strength in the chart and helps to overcome difficulties in life. The waxing and waning cycles of the Moon are well-known for their effect on all life on earth: plants, ocean tides, climate, the female cycle, fertility and emotional moods. The Moon cycles directly affect the psychological and physiological state of humans and all living beings. Statistical studies have shown that mentally disturbed people feel more affected or aggravated during the full Moon. Being born during the waxing Moon usually leads to a more extroverted mind and personality, while the waning Moon leads to a more introverted mind. The position of the Moon in the birth chart indicates the way the person thinks and feels, his important subjects in life and his relationship with the external world. A strong Moon in the chart reflects mental and psychological stability, good concentration and capacity of well-being and emotional satisfaction. An afflicted Moon usually reflects emotional difficulties, mental or psychological disturbances or health problems. The effects of a weak Moon can be overcome by meditation and spiritual practices, living in calm places, in contact with nature, and by white or light colors. The exact degree of the Moon at birth determines the successive planetary periods known as Maha Dashas, and it is an important factor to predict the energies and issues that will predominate over the course of time. Moon represents female fertility, blood and body fluids, the lungs, breasts, milk and the chest area. The ayurvedic constitution is Kapha or phlegmatic, and partially Vata or airy.

   Girija S. Joshi On 05 Aug 2017


Mars represents energy, courage, initiative and action. It also represents war and aggression. Depending on its position it can be a positive spiritual energy to overcome obstacles and grow spiritually, or it can become a destructive force, causing harm, injuries, accidents and uncontrolled passions. Mars is action-oriented, related to initiative, youth and the conquering of enemies. It can lead to a very dynamic, active and enthusiastic personality, or alternatively, to one who wants to dominate others by force. Mars also represents brothers, technology, technical or mechanical skills, mathematics, computing, athletics and sports, medicine and surgery, blood pressure, police and military people, dictators, fire and explosions. A strong and well-placed Mars in the birth chart indicates a spiritual warrior—a lack of fear to face the difficulties and enemies of life, internally and externally; control over one’s own body and aggression. An afflicted Mars can indicate a fearful, aggressive or violent person. A weak Mars can lead to an uncontrolled dissipation or loss of the vital energy in many directions. It can create muscular weakness. Physical exercise is a good way to strengthen Mars energy. Physically it represents the marrow, muscles, physical strength, the head, testicles and virility, and has a Pitta or fiery ayurvedic constitution

   Girija S. Joshi On 05 Aug 2017
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